Bring the world closer together.

By being a helpful friend to those near you.


Anyone on Mayo can broadcast for help to those nearby, and you can be the super hero to save the day 🌈.


Taking  3 minutes to help someone will just make their day. We've all had these moments ⬇


Helping someone out is super easy.
Get thanked and get rewarded too!

Mayo needs a lot of kind people to make it work and we believe we will get there, 1 by 1.
Be one of the early movers along with many others. Build good karma, and help make the world a friendlier place!


Not everyone asks when they need a quick hand.

Some are too shy, fear rejection, or just don't even know who can and would help them for the small things.

So Mayo is here to make it easier.

We're all helpful & supportive online.


It's time we also extend the kindness to people
around us, in person.

Come join the beta and help change the world ❤️

(and also make our app better)


*iOS device required. Android coming soon.


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